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Pictures do not fit into the pre-made formats, the design issues are terrible once you purchase the template. Customer service sucks and after trying to make it work for 30 days I called an no refunds.

I also found out that they auto renew. Worst ever. Waste of time and money. After sitting on hold forever the customer service rep.

was a *** and was very please to inform me that they do not offer refunds. Not to mention my email did not work after 30 days with no explanation.

I would avoid this site at all cost. Waste of $100.

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My name is Tem Balanco and I'm the president of and I'd like to reply to this comment. Our website templates come with preset pixel dimensions that ensure a great looking website.

This allows your custom images to look great online. Our site builder provides the suggested dimensions. Our graphics department also provides free image customization at no charge. We even provide free logo services and image customization & photoshop work as part of our service.

In regards to auto-renewals, every company in our industry auto-renews accounts. We send out renewal notices 30 and 15 days prior to renewal with a cancellation link listed. We host over 12,000 small business websites that include email services, we would not be in business if our email services did not work.

I'm sorry you experienced these issues, we could have easily helped with any graphic design needs for free had you contacted us in this regard. I wish you the best.

Tem Balanco

Miami Beach, Florida, United States #685432

I'm Tem Balanco, the president of We happily provide free support including graphics, logo, modifications for customers at no extra charge. Not sure why this customer experienced these issues.

We do auto renew like 99% of all online services auto renew. Netflix "auto renews" as do most services. We also send out emails twice a month stating your account will renew with a "cancel account" link if you wish to cancel.

We do offer refunds on all accounts, if you keep an annual account past 30 days, we offer a store credit. On annual accounts, we waive our setup fee and provide an additional 15% off.

I'm sorry this customer experienced these issues, but it is definitely not the norm with our service in which we host over 12,000 small to mid-size businesses in every state in the US.


Tem Balanco

President & CEO

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